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sábado, 16 de maio de 2015

Cannes uncovered: day 4 - the boos, the controversy, the ice cream!

Cannes uncovered: day 4 - the boos, the controversy, the ice cream!:


Gus Van Sant’s new film gets trashed while we end up partying with a drag queen and her ice cream on the beach

The weekend has arrived at Cannes and so have the hangovers. But the festival has no time for sore heads with a schedule that’s as busy on Saturday and Sunday as it is in the week.

The Croisette is increasingly difficult to walk down with a mad flurry of traffic, critics, fans desperate for tickets and people who could be famous if you squint a bit all jostling for space. Jam hour starts around 17:30 as the dirty, dirty normal people crowd along the Croissette to watch the starrier, richer, cleaner, better of the species climb a large flight of stairs into a conference hall. One day the crowds will swell to a size too big to hold. The barriers will break and the great unwashed will realise where all that space they’d been craving went. Do not be in Cannes when this happens. Their fury will know no bounds. ANYWAY...

First loud boos of #Cannes2015 for Gus Van Sant's THE SEA OF TREES. Guy next to me was hissing as credits rolled.
If Gus Van Sant's filmography can be divided, Scorsese-style, into "one for me, one for them," SEA OF TREES is one for nobody. #Cannes
THE SEA OF TREES: I haven't seen every film that's played in competition at Cannes, so I can't definitively say this is the worst. #Cannes
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Natalie Portman breezily dodges Lost River-dom with the completely respectable (if v earnest) A Tale of Love and Darkness. Bah #Cannes2015
Natalie Portman's A TALE OF LOVE AND DARKNESS is a play on words and stories, maybe too close to her heart but respectable debut #cannes2015
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