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domingo, 27 de julho de 2014

Sunday reads.

Postado originalmente em Fred Klonsky:


Young Lords Way. Photo. El Museo del Barrio

Eugene Robinson. Israel is acting as if it is free of moral responsibilities.

NYSUT was against Common Core before they were for it. What happened?

Connecticut’scharter school scandal.

From Rethinking Schools. New Orleans after Katerina. Colonialism. Not Reform.

Free Gaza.Chicago yesterday.

The article originally appeared in the September 29, 1979, issue of The Nation.

I met Martin Luther King Jr. before I met Andrew Young. I know that Andy and I met only because of Martin. Andy was, in my mind, and not because he ever so described himself, Martin’s “right-hand man.” He was present—absolutely present. He saw what was happening. He took upon himself his responsibility for knowing’what he knew, and for seeing what he saw. I have heard Andy attempt to describe himself only once: when he was trying to clarify something about me, to someone else. So…

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