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sábado, 18 de maio de 2013

Gay Marriage

Gay Marriage Watch 5/18/13

Welcome to the Gay Marriage Watch daily summary of the latest marriage equality news, with links to each of our posted articles. To see the whole blog, click here:
To see today’s individual stories, use the links below:
Australia: Rally, French Success Put Pressure on Opposition Leader Over Marriage Equality (Gay Star News)
A rally at Opposition Leader Tony Abbott’s office coincided nicely with the finalization of marriage equality in France to put more pressure on Abbott regarding marriage equality.
China: Gay Activists Arrested During IDAHO Day Protests (Gay Star News)
During protests in China for the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia, gay activists were arrested and questioned.
France: Marriage Equality Bill Approved by Constitutional Court (
And France becomes the next country to pass marriage equality – the President could sign it into law as soon as today, and gays and lesbians might start marrying by next month.
France: President Hollande to Sign Marriage Equality Bill Saturday (On Top Magazine)
France’s President Hollande has indicated he will sign the marriage equality bill tomorrow, just a day after the Constitutional Court gave the law the ok.
France: President Hollande Signs Marriage Equality Law; First Weddings in Ten Days (
Just a day after the French Constitutional Court gave its stamp of approval to the new gay marriage law, the President signed it into law.
Puerto Rico: Gay Rights Status (GMW)
The advance of gay rights across the United States is spreading into Puerto Rico, making the island a relatively gay-friendly outpost in a Caribbean region where sodomy laws and harassment of gays are still common.
UK: Defence Secretary Says There’s No Demand for Marriage Equality, PM Disagrees (Pink News)
Pink News reports – After Defence Secretary Philip Hammond said this: “I have just never felt that this is what we should be focusing on. This change does redefine marriage. For millions and millions of people who are married, the meaning of marriage changes…
USA: Democrats Reluctant to Include Gay/Lesbian Binational Couples in Immigration Bill (The Washington Blade)
Senate Democrats are considering offering an amendment to include gay and lesbian binational couples to the immigration reform bill on the floor instead of in committee.
USA: How Will the Supreme Court Rule on DOMA and Prop 8 (Equality on Trial)
As the end of the Supreme Court term and the release of its final opinions gets closer, more legal experts are weighing in with predictions and thoughts on which outcome in the marriage cases seems the most likely.
USA: Support for Civil Unions Shifting to Conservatives, Study Shows (The Dish)
As the country has moved toward marriage equality, fewer and fewer democrats and independents support the idea of civil unions.
USA: The 5 Worst States on LGBT Rights (GMW)
As marriage equality sweeps the nation there are still some hurdles that need to be crossed. There are five states that have laws that treat the lgbt community unfairly.
Delaware, USA: Senator Marshall (R) – Why I Voted for Marriage Equality (Delaware Online)
A GOP Senator explains why he voted for the marriage equality bill in Delaware.
Michigan, USA: State’s Status on Same Sex Marriage (GMW)
The 2000 Census showed that at least 22,000 gay couples live in Michigan. They are similar in many ways to married couples: they live throughout the state, are racially and ethnically diverse, have partners that depend upon one another financially, and actively participate in Michigan’s economy.
New Jersey, USA: Governor Christie Blocks Marriage Equality (GMW)
As the movement is beginning to spread across the country, one state reaches an empass. New Jersey polled over 800 people of which 62% were in favor of marriage equality.
Marriage Equality / LGBT Rights Update 5/17/13 (Various)
9 Years in MA, Russians Wish Gays Would Stay in the Closet, Portugal Expands Gay Adoption, Transgender Woman Banned from Scottish Shopping Center?, TX Judge Orders lesbian Couple to Split, Italian Official Stands Up for Gays
Chance Choice (GMW)
OK, it is nature or nurture? That’s a lot of the controversy about being gay… were you born gay or did you become gay? Was it an inherent and inevitable conclusion of your developing sexuality or was it a choice?
Upcoming Marriage Equality Events (Full Events List/Add Your Own Event:
–Australia, NSW, Sydney: May 25, Rally for Marriage Equality, Sydney Town Hall, 1-3 PM. Details
–Australia, SA, Adelaide: May 25, Rally for Marriage Equality, Parliament House, North Terrace, 1 PM. Details
–USA, AR, Fayetteville: Jun 27, “8″ The Play Reading, Northwest Arkansas Equality Pride. Details
–USA, CA, Canoga Park: Jun 20-Jun 22, “8″ The Play Reading, Emerson Unitarian Universalist Church. Details
–USA, CA, Clayton: Jun 15, “8″ The Play Reading, Clayton Valley Presbyterian Church. Details
–USA, CA, Los Angeles: Jun 4, LA Black LGBT Network Meeting, Jewel’s Catch One, 7-9 PM. Details
–USA, CA, San Francisco: May 29, Marriage Equality USA Awards reception 2013, Chambers, 601 Eddy St, 6-8:30 PM. Details
–USA, CA, West Hollywood: May 31, “8″ The Play Reading. Details
–USA, DC, Washington: Jun 2, Say I Do! 2013 LGBT Wedding Expo, Hotel Palomar, 1-4 PM.
–USA, DC, Washington: Jun 13, “8″ The Play Reading, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Pride. Details
–USA, IL, Canton: May 17-May 19, “8″ The Play Reading, Many Lights Stage Productions. Details
–USA, IL, Chicago: Jun 7, Equality IL First Friday Networking Social, Sidetrack, 6-8 PM. Details
–USA, IL, Rockford: May 17, “8″ The Play Reading, Guilford High School. Details
–USA, IN, Lafayette: May 22, Citizens for Civil Rights Monthly Meeting, Pride Lafayette Comm Ctr, 7-8 PM. Details
–USA, IN, Terre Haute: Jun 29-Jun 30, “8″ The Play Reading, Community Theatre of Terre Haute. Details
–USA, KY, Frankfort: Jun 26, United for Marriage Rally, State Capitol Building, 11 AM. Details
–USA, MA, Provincetown: Jul 20, A Taste of Provincetown 2013, Town Hall, 6 PM. Details
–USA, MI, Grand Rapids: Jun 15, West Michigan Pride 2013, 1-9 PM.Details
–USA, MO, Kansas City: Jun 8, , All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church. Details
–USA, NJ, Somerset: May 17-May 19, “8″ The Play Reading, Villagers Theatre. Details
–USA, NY, New York: May 21, Marriage Equality USA 2013 Gala, 404 NYC, 4040 10 Ae., 6 PM. Details
–USA, NY, New York: Jun 20, Equality at Work Awards 2012, The McGraw-Hill Companies, 12:30 PM. Details
–USA, NY, Red Hook: Jun 9, Hudson Valley Engagement, Private Home, 4-7 PM. Details
–USA, NY, Woodstock: Jun 15-Saturday 2, “8″ The Play Reading, Byrdcliffe Festival of the Arts. Details
–USA, OH, Cleveland: Jun 30-Jun 30, “8″ The Play Reading, Cleveland Playhouse. Details
–USA, OR, Portland: Jun 6-Jun 9, Artists Repertory Theatre. Details
–USA, OR, Statewide: Jun 20, Bites for Rites 2013. Details
–USA, PA, Philadelphia: Jun 4, Drexel University. Details
–USA, VA, Alexandria: May 31, “8″ The Play Reading, Springfield Community Theatre. Details
–USA, VA, Statewide: Jun 22-Jun 23, Cookout for Marriage Equality 2013. Details
–USA, WA, Olympia: Jun 23, Equal Rights Washington at Olympia Pride. Details
–USA, WA, Seattle: May 19, Same Love, Same Rights Wedding Expo 2013. Details
–USA, WA, Seattle: Jun 30, Equal Rights Washington at Seattle Pride.Details
–USA, WA, Spokane: Jun 8, Equal Rights Washington at Spokane Pride. Details
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